Types of Extraction Facials

Extraction facials are like delicate surgeries for your skin, expertly navigating the landscape of pores to unclog, refine, and revitalise. At Shine Skin and Body, we understand the transformative power of these treatments, offering a range of extraction facials designed to target various skin concerns and leave you glowing from within.

Key Takeaways:

  • Deep Cleansing: Essential for removing impurities.
  • Variety of Treatments: Tailored to different skin types.
  • Hydration and Nourishment: Critical for skin health.
  • Professional Care: Ensures safe and effective results.
  • Preventive Measures: Help maintain clear skin.

Introduction to Extraction Facials

Extraction facials are a cornerstone of effective skincare, focusing on the removal of blackheads, whiteheads, and other impurities from the pores. At Shine Skin and Body, we offer a range of extraction facials tailored to meet the specific needs of different skin types and conditions.

Classic Extraction Facial- Our level 1 facial

The Classic Extraction Facial is a comprehensive treatment that begins with a deep cleansing and exfoliation to prepare the skin. Our skilled skin therapists then perform manual extractions, followed by soothing masks and serums to calm the skin and reduce inflammation.

  • Deep Cleansing
  • Manual Extractions
  • Soothing Masks

Acne Facial- Carbon blackhead removal facial

Designed specifically for acne-prone skin, the Carbon Blackhead Removal Acne Facial targets breakouts with a combination of the carbon being attracted to the oil and congestion in the pore and using a laser to removal the impurities creating a deep cleansing result, then gentle extractions, and anti-inflammatory treatments. This facial helps to reduce acne and prevent future breakouts.

  • Anti-inflammatory Treatments
  • Deep Cleansing
  • Acne Prevention

Enzyme Facial with LED- Our level 2 facial

The Enzyme Facial uses natural enzymes to exfoliate the skin, loosen dead skin cells, and prepare the pores for extraction. This facial is ideal for sensitive skin types as it provides gentle yet effective results. The LED is anti-bacterial, healing and calming

  • Natural Enzymes
  • Gentle Exfoliation
  • Suitable for Sensitive Skin

Chemical Peel Extraction Facial- our level 2 facial

This treatment combines the exfoliating power of a chemical peel with targeted extractions. It’s perfect for clients looking to address deep-seated impurities and achieve a smoother, more even complexion.

  • Chemical Exfoliation
  • Targeted Extractions
  • Smooth Complexion

Benefits of Extraction Facials

Extraction facials offer numerous benefits, including improved skin texture, reduced acne, unclogged pores, and a more radiant complexion. By removing impurities, these treatments also enhance the effectiveness of other skincare products.

  • Improved Skin Texture: Regular extraction facials help to even out skin texture. By removing impurities and dead skin cells, these treatments reveal the fresh, healthy skin underneath, resulting in a smoother and more radiant complexion.
  • Unclogged Pores: Clogged pores are a major cause of acne and other skin issues. Extraction facials effectively clear out these blockages, reducing the risk of breakouts and making your pores appear smaller and less noticeable.
  • Enhanced Product Absorption: When your pores are clear and your skin is smooth, skincare products can penetrate more deeply and work more effectively. This means that your moisturisers, serums, and treatments will provide better results after an extraction facial.
  • Reduced Acne and Blackheads: Extraction facials are particularly beneficial for those struggling with acne and blackheads. By removing these impurities, the facials not only clear up existing blemishes but also help to prevent new ones from forming.
  • Boosted Circulation: The process of massaging and manipulating the skin during an extraction facial boosts blood circulation. This increased blood flow brings more oxygen and nutrients to the skin, promoting a healthy, glowing complexion.

Customisation for Different Skin Types

At Shine Skin and Body, we understand that every skin type is unique and requires a tailored approach. Our extraction facials are customised to meet the specific needs of different skin types, ensuring the best possible results for each client.

  • Dry Skin: For those with dry skin, our facials focus on gentle exfoliation and deep hydration. We use products that are rich in moisturising ingredients to ensure that the skin remains hydrated and nourished throughout the treatment.
  • Oily Skin: Clients with oily skin benefit from a more intensive cleansing process. Our therapists use products that help to regulate oil production and thoroughly cleanse the pores, reducing the likelihood of acne and blackheads.
  • Combination Skin: Combination skin requires a balanced approach. Our facials for combination skin focus on addressing both dry and oily areas, using a mix of hydrating and purifying treatments to ensure an even and healthy complexion.
  • Sensitive Skin: For sensitive skin, we use gentle, non-irritating products and techniques. Our therapists take extra care to ensure that the treatment is soothing and calming, minimising any risk of irritation or redness.

The Extraction Process

The extraction process is a key component of these facials and involves several steps to ensure that your skin is thoroughly cleansed and rejuvenated.

  • Preparation: Before any extractions are performed, the skin is prepped with a thorough cleansing to remove surface impurities. This is followed by exfoliation to loosen dead skin cells and open up the pores.
  • Steaming: Steaming is often used to further soften the skin and open the pores, making it easier to perform extractions. The warmth from the steam also helps to relax the client and make the process more comfortable.
  • Manual Extractions: Our skilled therapists do not use tools to extract. We gently use our hands to precisely remove blackheads, whiteheads, and other impurities from the pores. This step requires a great deal of expertise to ensure that the skin is not damaged during the process.
  • Post-Extraction Care: After the extractions are complete, high frequency, soothing masks and serums are applied to calm the skin and reduce any inflammation. These products also help to nourish the skin and promote healing.

Maintaining Results at Home

To maintain the results of your facial extraction, it’s important to follow a good skincare routine at home. Here are some tips to keep your skin looking its best between treatments:

  • Cleanse Regularly: Regular cleansing is essential to keep your pores clear and prevent impurities from building up. Use a gentle cleanser that suits your skin type and cleanse your face twice a day.
  • Hydrate Your Skin: Hydration is key to maintaining healthy skin. Use a good moisturiser daily to keep your skin hydrated and prevent dryness.
  • Protect from Sun Damage: Always use a sunscreen with at least SPF 30 to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Sun damage can cause premature aging and other skin issues, so it’s important to include sun protection in your daily routine.
  • Stay Consistent: Consistency is crucial for maintaining clear, healthy skin. Stick to your skincare routine and schedule regular facials to keep your skin in top condition.

Choosing the Right Facial at Shine Skin and Body

At Shine Skin and Body, our range of extraction facials caters to various skin needs and concerns. Understanding which facial suits your skin type can significantly improve your skincare routine and overall skin health.

  • Discovery facial Extraction Facial: This facial is designed for new clients. It includes a consultation to discover how you can help your skin be its best at home and what might be behind the cause of your concerns. Includes deep cleansing, extractions, and the application of serums and masks that help hydrate and calm the skin
  • Level 1 Extraction Facial: Ideal for sensitive or irritated skin, this Calming Extraction Facial uses gentle products and techniques to soothe the skin. It includes deep cleansing with an enzyme exfoliation and extractions, followed by calming masks and serums that help to reduce redness and inflammation and aids in healing.
  • Level 2 Extraction Facial: Perfect for those looking to achieve a radiant glow. Combining our famous extractions with your choice of dermaplanning for radiance and glow, chemical peels to smooth, hydrating masks to give plumpness and radiance or LED to calm and heal. This facial helps to reduce the appearance of acne, hydrate and make the skin glow
  • Level 3 Extraction Facial: Ideal for those wanting it all. Anti-ageing, hydration, glowing skin. This facial includes our deep cleansing facial including extractions plus as many upgrades as needed from LEDs to masks or even just more extractions.
  • Carbon blackhead Extraction facial: Perfect if you have been struggling to clear your acne. The most deep cleansing facial we do! Includes extractions and calming masks and serums.

By choosing Shine Skin and Body, you can be confident that our team will provide the highest quality care and the perfect facial to meet your skin’s unique needs.


Discover the transformative power of extraction facials at Shine Skin and Body. Our expert treatments are designed to purify your skin, leaving you with a clearer, healthier complexion. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and start your journey to radiant skin.


Q1. What is an extraction facial?

An extraction facial is a skincare treatment that focuses on cleansing the pores by removing blackheads, whiteheads, and other impurities.

Q2. How often should I get an extraction facial?

It depends on your skin type, but generally, it’s recommended every 4 weeks for optimal results.

Q3. Are extraction facials painful?

Some discomfort may be experienced during manual extractions, but our therapists use techniques to minimise pain and ensure comfort.

Q4. Can extraction facials help with acne?

Yes, extraction facials can help reduce acne by clearing clogged pores and preventing future breakouts.

Q5. What should I expect after an extraction facial?

You may experience some redness, but this usually subsides within a few hours. Your skin will feel cleaner, smoother, and more radiant.

Q6. Are there any side effects?

Minor redness is common but temporary. Our therapists provide aftercare advice to minimise any potential side effects.