Crowned 2024 Skinlympian of the Year

picture of sheridan rollard from shine skin and body accepting an award for the australia skinlympic of the year for a skin transformation to treat ageing skin

Writer's pictureRachel Medlock     

Sheridan Rollard Crowned 2024 Skinlympian Of The Year

Skin Therapist of 26 years and owner of Richmond’s Shine Skin and Body, Sheridan Rollard, has achieved a remarkable double victory in the inaugural year of The Skinlympics, a brand-new industry event recognising and rewarding Australia’s best Skin Therapists. 

Sheridan took home gold in the Revive Category and was also crowned the overall 2024 Skinlympian Of The Year. This prestigious recognition underscores Sheridan’s exceptional commitment to continuous learning and innovation in the professional beauty and skin industry.

Reflecting on her remarkable achievement, taking out the ceremony’s biggest award, Sheridan shares, “It feels amazing! I was blown away to win the category, but to win the overall title was very unexpected. I am so happy I achieved those results for my client. It feels great to get recognition, too.”

A journey of trust and transformation 

Sheridan’s winning result was the culmination blending modalities and a 15-year strong client-therapist relationship with her client, Penni. Initially seeking help for blackheads, Penni’s needs evolved over time to address ageing and hydration concerns, primarily due to significant sun exposure and skin cancer treatments in her youth.

“At the start, Penni wanted a great facial focusing on extractions and relaxation. Her skin was in good condition, but introducing new technologies allowed us to tackle sun damage and ageing more effectively. Having clients like Penni, who trust in my expertise and are open to new treatments, makes my job incredibly rewarding,” Sheridan shares. 

The Ultimate Anti-Ageing Facial, one of Shine Skin and Body’s signature skin treatments, was instrumental in Penni’s transformation. After a course of dermal needling to address overall skin rejuvenation, a course of IPL skin rejuvenation combined with pigmentation removal was performed, mainly focusing on Penni’s chest. Sheridan also utilised a Q-Switch non-ablative fractionated laser for targeted treatment of Penni’s neck and an old scar near her eye. These advanced treatments were paired with a comprehensive homecare prescription, including customised products from Dermaviduals, to support the skin inside and out. 

“Penni’s skin is a testament to the power of personalised, holistic care. It is now healthy and radiant, and people at her work even comment on it! Achieving these results, especially as she approached her 50th birthday, was incredibly rewarding,” Sheridan proudly shares. 

Penni has since returned to her beloved relaxing facials, including LED therapy, masks, and massages, maintaining her skin health and relaxation.

Leading the next generation of Skinlympians

As Sheridan transitions out of the treatment room to focus on mentoring and innovation, she ensures that Shine Skin and Body will remain Melbourne’s leading destination for skin transformations. 

“Our staff and their knowledge are our biggest strengths. We are a huge training salon, with weekly sessions, learning new techniques and expanding our knowledge. The skin is an amazing organ, interconnected with so many aspects of our body, and there is always something new to learn,” explains Sheridan, adding that thinking outside the box when it comes to treatment techniques has been the secret sauce to Shine’s outstanding (and now award-winning) results. 

A Heartfelt Thank You

Sheridan’s heartfelt gratitude radiates as she reflects on her journey. “I am so inspired by my clients’ trust in me and the incredible results we achieve together. This recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire Shine Skin and Body team.”