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Why do I have acne? I don’t have oily skin!

Acne is often associated with oily skin so it may be a surprise when you have dry skin and you start getting breaking outs. While oily skin is a common culprit for acne, it’s not the only one.

What is epidermal leveling?

Also known as dermaplanning or epi-blading-Epidermal leveling is a painless and very effective clinical treatment to exfoliate and remove unwanted facial hair, achieving smooth glowing skin and helping your makeup glide on and stay on beautifully.  The benefits are endless……. Firstly it performs a thorough and customised level of exfoliation smoothing out bumps and leaving […]

Pregnancy acne: Why some women get pregnancy acne and exactly how to get rid of it.

Pregnancy acne: Why some women get pregnancy acne and exactly how to get rid of it. AMY CLARK APRIL 3, 2019 Pregnancy is a miracle and a wonderful gift, but gee, it causes some hectic changes in your body. Aside from the part where you’re growing a human inside your belly. After co-existing with your […]

Making my skin glow.

Shine Skin & Body Richmond: Making My Skin Glow May 28, 2018 0   Melbourne’s leader in extraction facials, Shine Skin & Body, has moved to a new two-storey salon in Richmond salon. The stunning new space is super relaxing and the perfect environment to switch off while getting an effective skin treatment. Owner Sheridan […]

Salon skincare worth trying.

SALON SKIN CARE TREATMENTS WORTH TRYING  POSTED BY The fact that you clicked on this article tells me two things: 1) that you’re pretty keen to have your skin tended to by a professional, and 2) that you downright deserve it! So pour yourself a cuppa, sit back, and navigate through our list of the […]

Extraction facial review.

SHINE SKIN AND BODY. I have had a lot of facials in my time that include anything from lasers to peels to everything in between, a lot of those facials included extractions. I am personally someone who believes in getting regular facials and extractions as I know that they work really well for my skin. […]

Melbourne’s best extraction facial.

PAMPER MAVEN ACNE, BEAUTY SALONS, BREAKOUTS, CONGESTION, MELBOURNE, SKIN, SPA & WELLNESS, SHINE SKIN AND BODY RICHMOND : MELBOURNE’S BEST EXTRACTION FACIAL  5 JUNE 2018 Head into the opulent and inviting space of Shine Skin and Body Richmond and you will be impressed. Their signature extraction facial is famous for good reason and one that needs to be experienced to be […]

Do pore strips work?

Do pore strips really work? The answer might surprise you By Kate Niven BEAUTY CREW BEAUTY WRITER / JULY 04 2018 Unfortunately, instant gratification is rare in the world of skin care, with most products taking several weeks (if not months) to yield results. However, one product that does promise to deliver results immediately is the humble […]

Everything you need to know about getting rid of acne scars for good.

Everything you need to know about getting rid of acne scars for good Having acne is one thing. Being left with the memories of them is another. But don’t worry, this acne expert has some advice that will help treat those scars. Sheridan Rollard JULY 4, 20182:18PM You finally succeed in clearing your acne, […]