Skincare in your 50’s and beyond.

In your fifties, the skin changes you noticed in your forties becomes more noticeable, lines deeper.

This is for a number of reasons: slower cell turnover (between 45-60 days) loss of skin elasticity, lack of collagen production(up to 40-50% less by this age) more sun exposure= more sun damage and  a drop in estrogen which decreases oil production.

Menopause can cause a multitude of skin problems. The drop on estrogen can cause extreme dryness, acne, sensitivity and rosacea.

Your neck normally shows the biggest signs of ageing. The skin on the throat and décolletage is thinner, contains less oil glands, fewer hair follicles, is often exposed to UV damage and therefore, ages much faster than our face.

A condition called poikiloderma can become more significant. This can be a genetic condition or hormone imbalance, but is brought on by age and sun exposure. It is sun damage, and appears as redness or pigmentation symmetrically on both sides of normally your neck but can occur on the sides of your cheeks and neck and in the V of your chest formed by the sides of your neck and the bottom of your breastbone.

The best way to treat this area is of course with sunscreen, but a neck serum- formulated to help more with loss of tone. Everyday all your products should come down onto your neck. But always rub on upwards. Treatment wise IPL is fantastic at reversing this.

As with all the ages we are constantly striving for radiance. Your cell turnover is at around 45-60 days by now, if older can be up to 82days! This leaves the skin looking dull, dry and wrinkles appear deeper. This is where dermal needling and/or home rolling is amazing. It increases cell to cell commuincation, speeds up cell turnover and has your skin looking great and functioning to it’s best.

Your make-up needs looking at by this age as well. Avoid powders and heavy eye makeup. It will settle into wrinkles and take on a mask-like appearance, making you look older. Instead, try a tinted moisturiser that will intensely hydrate the area whilst offering a radiant boost of colour. Diffusive rather than masking pigments will make skin look more radiant, Choose soft hues for the eyes like grey or brown liner.

By your 60s  your hormones have finished fluctuating and your skin is becoming more stable. Loss of tone is the main problem in your sixties – it comes with the territory, but a combination of good skincare and regular facials can help it still look beautiful, radiant and youthful.

Most skin-rejuvenation strategies will work, but only at a slower pace and to a lesser degree. It doesn’t mean don’t do them, it is never too late to slow down the ageing process.

In our sixties we have loose, sagging skin somewhere. Skin cells have 30 per cent less natural moisture now than when you were younger, so skin’s noticeably drier, thinner, tighter and flakier. Your cell turnover is over 70 days and you have lost over 60-70% of collagen production. ( this shows in how long you take to heal from a cut)

Treat your skin gently. Our skin becomes more fragile as we age, and it is more easily damaged. If you haven’t had a good skincare regime up till now, start off gently and introduce new products or treatments slowly. If you have been looking after you skin- keep up the good work and change some things around a bit more.

Homecare must haves

  • Creamy cleanser
  • Gentle exfoliation
  • Sunscreen
  • Neck serum
  • Retinol
  • Home rolling

And bring all products onto your neck and décolletage.

In salon treatments

  • Any of our facials
  • IPL
  • Laser Gen
  • Dermal needling