Skincare in your 40’s

During our 40s, the body is undergoing a lot changes, and the skin is no exception. Hormone levels start to drop long before entering menopause. During peri-menopause, as estrogen levels fall the skin can go all over the place-dryness, sunspots, loss of tone, dullness and even acne.

Dry Skin-many women first notice their skin is much drier than before. This is a common finding, this can be easily fixed, but if not addressed, can lead to premature fine wrinkling around the eyes, forehead and mouth. Hydration can be done in many ways- a more hydrating moisturiser with essential fatty acids, cermadies, hylauronic acid or shea butter. If these are too heavy, you could try a heavier night cream. Alternatively by this stage you should be on some serums, so we could upgrade them to be more hydrating.

Dull Skin: Skin cell turnover slows down with age, leading to a dull, lack-luster complexion. By this age it could somewhere between 35 to 40 days instead of 28days. Using AHA’s moderately can help remove some of the dead skin layer to reveal a healthy glow is one way to help-but if sensitive other alternatives would need to be looked at. They will gently remove the dead skin cells to restore radiant skin. Also retinol to speed up the cell cycle from the bottom layer up.

Acne: “Why am I still getting acne when I now have wrinkles, too?” Unfortunately, acne around the mouth and jawline is quite common in our 40s and is normally due to fluctuating hormone levels. Extraction facials will help, also anti-inflammatory and anti-bacteria ingredients will help keep it all in control.

Wrinkles: These started in your 30’s, but now they get deeper and don’t disappear as fast when you stop frowning.  Genetics, sun damage, and skin-care routines all contribute to how fast or slow the skin ages. If you haven’t started on anti-ageing products already, by your 40’s you should well and truly be on them. It’s not too late, we will age more and more, so get in now before your lines get deeper. Retinol should be your No 1 ingredient.  Retinol is the only ingredient that can turn back some signs of ageing. Home rolling and start on a course of more powerful treatments such as needling, IPL or laser Gen every 1- 2 years to keep your collagen production up.

Skincare: So step up your efforts with stronger, multitasking treatments that combine several proven ingredients. Retinol, Green tea, Zinc and Vitamin C are all great products. You need active products to give you the best results possible.

Skincare must haves

  • Anti-oxidants
  • Good hydrating moisturiser
  • Sunscreen
  • Retinol
  • Home rolling
  • Decolletage and neck cream

In salon treatments

  • Regular facials
  • Led light therapy
  • IPL
  • Dermal needling
  • Laser Gen