Skincare in Your 30’s

This is when you will start seeing those 1st signs of ageing setting in a bit more. You’ll probably start noticing fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. There may be an increase in the depth of the lines. The more sun exposure you have had the earlier you will see the signs.

Your skin becomes thinner and finer. There’s some loss of collagen, (which gives skin its strength) and elastin (the stretchy part of your skin) and cell turnover has begun to slow down, making your complexion look a little dull sometimes.

As we age our cell turnover rate slows down. This is the process by which our skin produces new skin cells which travel from the lowest layer to the top layer and then shed off the skin. This is what keeps dead cells from building up on the skins surface. If this is working at its best this is what gives us our “glow”

Babies – 14 days
Teenagers – 21 – 28 days
Middle age – 28 – 42 days
50 and up – 42 – 84 days

Ideally we want to keep our cell turnover to 28 days for the best radiance. To keep this the important factors are hydration and retinol.

Retinol is important to push up new healthy cells and increase collagen and elastin which has slowed down production. Hydration is important for the skin to function well, achieve plumpness and glow.

But nothing at all beats SUNSCREEN! Unprotected Sun Exposure Will Cause Wrinkles. Safe sun exposure is your #1 way to fend off time as long as possible. 90% of premature aging is caused by UV rays. USE SUNSCREEN DAILY!  and don’t forget to apply it to your hands and neck, as they are the real age teller.



A richer moisturiser-The moisturiser you used throughout your 20s may not be rich enough for thirty-something skin, so think wrinkle prevention and upgrade to something more hydrating if you feel that your complexion isn’t getting the moisture it needs to stay looking healthy. If you are prone to breakouts using a hydrating serum with hylauronic acid may be the better way to go, but more hydration is normally neeed. If not a richer moisturiser, then layering in an oil based lotion or a oil serum.

Retinol- The most powerful anti-ageing ingredient on the market- it strengthens collagen and elastin back up in your skin, increases cell turnover and depending on what type you use can help with sundamage and acne. A real wonder ingredient.

Eye and decollatage cream- if you didnt start these in your 20’s, get onto them now. these areas will age faster than your face as they are thinner skin and move more. Hurry up and get one!

Anti-oxidants- This is all about protecting your skin from pollutants and UV damage. This should already be part of your regime. Think B, C, E, Zinc, Green tea to name just a few.

In salon treatments

  • Level 2 or 3 facial for extra hydration
  • LED facial course to increase collagena nd elastin production
  • IPl to even out skin concerns such as pigment and redness.