In my books, one of the cardinal rules of beauty is getting regular facials. I might harp on it, but I have been an ardent fan of facials for over a decade and my face thanks me for it. Clean and clear skin is something that a good skincare regime can help you achieve so why not look at including facials in your regime. I’ve tried many facials over the years, each focusing on giving my skin an extra clean and treatment through deep cleansing and exfoliation, with the addition of treatments such as peels and microdermabrasion. However, it’s always also been a nice experience to have in the comfort of a spa environment where I can relax whilst my beauty therapist works her magic on my face.
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Most recently, I had a facial that focused specifically on extractions. To be honest, I haven’t really had a facial for a while that had extractions and, in some part, it’s probably because I’ve got relatively good skin. However, I really do find that if you have a facial and you haven’t had an extraction for a while, then make sure you talk to your Beauty therapist about incorporating this into your facial. I had my facial at Shine Skin & Body in Kew which is known for its Extraction facials. These facials have been helping people of all ages in clearing their skin.
The mantra at Shine Skin & Body is to focus on providing a treatment that is tailored to their particular customer. For those that have significant requirements for extractions, then the focus will be on how they can address those skin conditions whilst also providing a relaxing and spa-like experience.
I didn’t have a huge requirement for a lot of extractions, but I did benefit from the treatment which focused on undertaking extractions from around my nose and T-zone, which does experience build up. It always feels quite satisfying when your face is free from blackheads and dirt and all of those nasties are extracted from the face. Shine Skin and Body use the traditional way of extraction using fingers to squeeze out the dirt and blackheads and patting with a tissue. A small nick is made in the skin if there is no pore where the build up exists. A quarter of my facial was spent on extractions and the remainder focused on cleansing and clearing my skin using products from Payot and Aspect skincare.
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After my facial, I managed to catch owner Sheridan to ask her about the popularity of the Extraction facial and why people with skin issues such as adult acne have benefited from this treatment. Sheridan explained that the popularity of the Extraction facial has increased over the years as many people with conditions such as adult acne are looking for non-invasive and non-chemical ways to treat and clear their skin. The industry, Sheridan says, is moving towards chemical treatments for acne but it isn’t always successful and often the chemicals targeted for acne aren’t good for non-acne skin. Her approach is to create a tailored experience that will help treat a client’s acne problems but also provide a nice environment and experience for the client.
She said that many of her clients were in between the ages of 20-3o years who have adult acne due to hormonal imbalances which are sometimes caused by stress, pregnancy and lifestyle. Many of her clients were looking to improve the clarity of their skin and found that through extractions, dirt and blackhead build up was cleared and bacteria that inflames acne was reduced. Through several treatments, many of her clientele have shown great results from the facials. In addition to the extractions, Sheridan uses LED light therapy to aid in the treatment.  Red light LED to increase the energy of the skin and help with recovery of the skin after extractions and minimise any scarring, and blue LED lights to help kill the bacteria in the skin.
Although I don’t have acne, my skin did benefit from this Extraction facial – it was clean and smooth. So whether you’re battling adult acne or are in need of a great facial, head to Shine Skin & Body to get your skin ready, just in time for Summer!
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