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Skincare in your 20’s

Whilst ageing may not be your main concern right now, it is never to early to start good skincare and a regular skincare routine at home.   You may be battling with acne or scarring at this age, but some of the products that can help with those issues can double up for ageing.   […]

Top acne mistakes

Do pore strips really work?

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Making my skin glow.

Shine Skin & Body Richmond: Making My Skin Glow May 28, 2018 0   Melbourne’s leader in extraction facials, Shine Skin & Body, has moved to a new two-storey salon in Richmond salon. The stunning new space is super relaxing and the perfect environment to switch off while getting an effective skin treatment. Owner Sheridan […]

Salon skincare worth trying.

SALON SKIN CARE TREATMENTS WORTH TRYING  POSTED BY The fact that you clicked on this article tells me two things: 1) that you’re pretty keen to have your skin tended to by a professional, and 2) that you downright deserve it! So pour yourself a cuppa, sit back, and navigate through our list of the […]

Extraction facial review.

SHINE SKIN AND BODY. I have had a lot of facials in my time that include anything from lasers to peels to everything in between, a lot of those facials included extractions. I am personally someone who believes in getting regular facials and extractions as I know that they work really well for my skin. […]

Extraction facials- your way to clean skin.

EXTRACTION FACIALS, YOUR WAY TO CLEAN AND CLEAR SKIN  Katherine Ng  September 11, 2015 In my books, one of the cardinal rules of beauty is getting regular facials. I might harp on it, but I have been an ardent fan of facials for over a decade and my face thanks me for it. Clean and […]

Shine bright in Richmond.

SHINE BRIGHT IN RICHMOND WITH THE NEW SHINE SKIN & BODY SALON, EXPERTS IN EXTRACTIONS  Katherine Ng  March 13, 2018 Melbourne’s leader in extraction facials, Shine Skin & Body, is on the move. The new two-storey Richmond salon will give Shine’s clientele an inspiring environment in which to relax while undergoing the most effective skin treatments […]