Extraction facial review.

I have had a lot of facials in my time that include anything from lasers to peels to everything in between, a lot of those facials included extractions. I am personally someone who believes in getting regular facials and extractions as I know that they work really well for my skin.
My skin type is oily combination and is prone to breakouts, texture irregularities and blackheads. Having regular facials with extractions has really helped to keep my skin clear and in tip-top shape.
I recently went into Shine Skin and Body in Richmond for one of their Extraction Facials which the clinic is well known for, It was so great to see that the clinic really focuses on Extractions as I know how beneficial they are for my skin.
My facial began with Sheridan giving me a thorough skin consultation and she really took the time out to walk through my current skincare routine and chat about any skin issues that I had at the time of my treatment.
The treatment starts off with a double cleanse followed by an exfoliator and then the extraction process begins, Sheridan made me feel really comfortable throughout the treatment and I can definitely say that she is a pro when it comes to extractions.
The treatment also includes a neck and shoulder massage and a mask which finished off the treatment beautifully.
Overall I felt really relaxed during my treatment whilst at the same time knowing that the treatment was really benefiting my skin, I had an instant glow after the treatment and the results lasted in the coming weeks.
The treatment gave my skin a really thorough cleanse and really helped to even out the texture and control any breakouts that I had going on at the time.
I would highly recommend visiting the team at Shine Skin and Body as they are all super professional and knowledgable and genuinely care about the health of their clients skin.
Shine Skin and Body
323 Swan Street, Richmond
Melbourne Victoria 3121
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