We are thrilled to announce that Shine Skin and Body in Richmond has been voted the Best Facial for
Clogged Pores by Broadsheet for the second time! But what does this mean for you, and what can
you expect from our award-winning treatment?
Acne, Blackheads, Whiteheads, and Milia: If you are dealing with any of these skin concerns, you’ve
come to the right place. Shine Skin and Body has been renowned for our extraction facials for the
past 11 years.
Mastering The Technique: To achieve this prestigious recognition, our therapists undergo an
extensive 12 to 18-month training process. We’ve aptly named our technique ‘the wiggle’ because it
combines thoroughness and gentleness. You can trust that our therapists are among the best in
Melbourne, and even Australia. Unlike harsh extractions that lead to pain, bruising, scarring, or
infection, our technique ensures a gentle yet effective treatment.
Thorough Extractions: During a 70-minute facial, we dedicate up to 50 minutes to extractions if
needed. This means we tackle every aspect of your skin concerns, not just a few prominent ones. It’s
this comprehensive approach that allows us to deliver exceptional results.
The Power of Knowledge: Clearing your skin isn’t just about extractions; it’s about understanding
why acne happens. Our discovery facial is designed to uncover your skin’s history and determine
the causes behind your skin conditions. We then provide guidance and, if necessary, referrals to
specialists who can assist you. We believe that knowledge is the key to empowering you to make the
right choices for your skin.
Customized Skincare: Our commitment to your skin’s health extends beyond our treatment room.
We evaluate your current skincare routine to ensure it's not exacerbating your skin issues and that it
aligns with your specific goals. We recommend Dermaviduals, a tailor-made skincare line that we
customize in-store to address YOUR unique concerns, ensuring RESULTS.
The Challenge of Finding Extraction Facials: You might wonder why extraction facials are challenging
to find in Melbourne. The truth is that they aren’t typically taught in beauty schools. Most students
receive minimal training, and even if they do, they often lack confidence in performing extractions
safely. At Shine Skin and Body, our founder Sheridan was fortunate to have a mentor over 20 years
ago who introduced her to the art of extraction. With a passion for this technique, she developed
the method we use today.
In recent years, the beauty industry in Australia has seen significant changes. Specialized skin clinics
have emerged, emphasizing gentle yet results-driven skincare. This is a positive shift away from
harsh peels and aggressive treatments, although there’s still room for improvement.
We are thrilled to share this recognition with you, and we invite you to experience the best facial for
clogged pores right here at Shine Skin and Body in Richmond, Melbourne. Book your appointment
today and discover why we’re the go-to destination for clear, healthy, and radiant skin. Don’t miss
out on our great plans for the future!

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