Tips for managing mascne

It’s been a difficult couple of years for doctors, nurses and hospital staff. N95s are still needed at work and it appears they will be for quite some time.

Although necessary due to the current covid-19 climate. Long shifts wearing masks and face shields can lead to adverse skin conditions.

In recent years we have seen a rise in skin conditions within the medical industry such as acne, redness, dryness, inability of the skin to heal well resulting in scarring, peri oral dermatitis.

We have been able to treat these conditions successfully with a calming and rebuilding approach with our consultations, advice, treatments and homecare.

Let us help- Expert advice, treatment and home care can help you navigate through this stressful period enabling the ability to maintain healthy stress-free skin.


Why us?-Shine Skin and Body have been the experts in everything skin for the past ten years. We have built a reputation as specialists in treating acne, dermatitis, redness and improving overall skin health.


What we do- In recent years, we have seen a rise in skin conditions associated with wearing face masks like acne and skin rashes, especially among those who work in health and other industries where mask wearing is a daily necessity.

At Shine Skin and Body we have developed a successful approach to treating the issues with a carefully considered series of consultations, advice, treatments and homecare.

Call us today to discuss your skin’s needs – we are there for you.

Here are some tips to help you in the meantime.

  • Don’t wear moisturiser whilst working under your mask. Apply elsewhere, but we have seen great improvements with this, it helps with sweating, and the humidity build up you get under the mask that creates an environment for acne to spread and not heal well.
  • Don’t wear spf.If starting work early, just don’t put it on. I know every beauty therapist will say you MUST always wear sunscreen, but not under your mask area whilst working for the above reasons, place across your forehead (if not wearing a shield) otherwise just forgo it on your working days.
  • Don’t use any harsh acne products. No acids such as aha or bha or vitamin c ascorbic acid. This is not the answer. What we want to do is reduce inflammation, be kind and gentle to your skin, no acids will do this.
  • No exfoliation in that area.For the reasons listed above. exfoliation will not clear your skin, it will only irritate it. This includes any cleansers or serums that contain any acids.
  • Use calming products. also for the reasons above. Doing a good basic skincare will help bring balance to your skin. Even with acne.
  •     Use a good quality hydrating and calming moist whilst sleeping to make up for not wearing one during the day.
  • A calming serumis a great way to get fast results. Serums are great as they are more concentrated and therefore work faster to help heal and calm your skin. At Shine we custom mix serums for you
  •     Have a facial. What we are famous for is our extraction facials. This is the best way to clear your skin of acne. We can clear your acne and blackheads in a professional sterile environment stopping you from picking at your skin and causing more problems. Then use products at home that help with healing and calming.