Vitamin A for acne, ageing, skin health

Unlocking the Power of Vitamin A: Your Skin’s Superfood
Vitamin A, often referred to as the “superfood” for your skin, is a true game-changer. It’s the secret ingredient that corrects a myriad of skin concerns, delivering astounding results. Let’s delve into its transformative capabilities:
For Ageing Gracefully
Vitamin A acts as a guardian of youthfulness. It stimulates the dermis, where collagen, elastin, and blood vessels reside, effectively reducing wrinkles and enhancing blood flow to your skin’s surface. By boosting collagen production, it gracefully slows down the skin’s ageing process, allowing you to embrace a more youthful complexion.
For Acne Free Days
Say goodbye to unwelcome breakouts. Vitamin A steps in to regulate the activity of sebaceous glands, putting the brakes on excess sebum production. It’s like a diligent cleaner for your skin’s oil slick, dramatically decreasing sebum production, sometimes by up to 90%. With Vitamin A in your corner, acne’s days are numbered.
For Radiant Skin Health
Vitamin A is a multitasker, serving as both an antioxidant and a cellular communicator. It prompts cells to produce everything necessary to maintain your skin’s pristine condition. By increasing cell turnover and initiating exfoliation from within, it repairs DNA, reprograms cellular function, and rejuvenates damaged cells, restoring their normal function. The result? Radiant, healthy skin.
The Delivery: A Scientific Approach
Cosmeceutical skincare products are the superheroes in delivering Vitamin A deep into your skin’s layers, where it matters most. Ingredients like retinaldehyde-liposome and AGP (arabino-galactan-protein) are molecular transport antioxidants that pack a punch. Unlike many other skincare products, cosmeceuticals penetrate effectively without causing irritation. This gentle yet efficient delivery system prevents dehydration, redness, and irritation, ensuring you reap all the benefits.
Optimal Usage for Maximum Results
To harness the full potential of Vitamin A, start by cleansing your skin before applying serums to allow for maximum absorption. Leave them on overnight, letting them work their magic while your skin is in a state of repair. It is important is you haven’t used Vitamin A before to gently start. Depending on the strength this will change, but your therapist will be able to guide you through that.
Note: Vitamin A is sensitive to sunlight and can lose potency when exposed. Therefore, it’s best to use your serums at night when there’s no risk of UV exposure.
Not a standalone
Whilst you can use Vitamin A by itself, it can work great with other ingredients too. For acne Vit B also works on the oil cells helping regulate oil production. For ageing Zinc and Vitamin C are amazing. For glow pairing it with co-enzyme is fantastic. At Shine Skin and Body we use Dermaviduals skincare which means we can customise your skincare giving you the best results with less products. We mix your serum up for your concerns from our selection of over 40 serums.
Vitamin A is the key to unlocking your skin’s full potential. Join us in this journey to revitalize and rejuvenate your skin.