The Importance of exfoliation

Exfoliation is a key product that can bring change you great changes to your skin around. It is fantastic for giving the skin brightness and freshness, rebalancing and allowing better product penetration. Oily skin? -Exfoliaiton helps balance oil flow. Dry skin? – takes off the rough outer layer making it softer and smoother> it allows your serums and moisturisers to penetrate more efficently. Acne? –Removes skin that isn’t sheding to allow more oxygen to flow therefore killing bacteria. Some may help with scarring as well. Exfoliation is a step missing in a lot of peoples skin care routine. You can’t be bothered, forget or don’t have the time. With so many options available of different kinds there really isn’t a good excuse. It is worth the effort to have glowing radiant skin. With so many different types of exfoliants out there at the moment, it is now easier than ever… You just need to pick the right one for you.  

Light everyday scrub-   

(for a balanced normal skin type) Also referred to as microexfoliants. They are very light and suited to quite a balanced skin that needs only a boost. They are more of a top layer polish than through exfoliation. If you have concerns or problems with your skin then these are not for you. Even with these we don’t recommending you use them everyday they can be bit drying.


(for all skin types except sensitive) Never go rough. It shouldn’t hurt or turn you red. You should never have to be careful of your pressure because it feels too rough. Scrubs are great for people short on time and want something quick to do in the shower. Something with a cream base takes the edge of the roughness.


(all skins but great for congestion and acne) The most thorough of all exfoliants. Dissolves the build up of skin and loosens the top layers of skin. They are antibacterial so great for acne. Acid exfoliations normally need to stay on the skin for a minimum of 2-5 minutes to allow them to work. You can apply an AHA serum at night under your moisturiser- can’t get easier (just not for sensitive skin)

Enzymatic exfoliants. 

(any skin type, great for sensitive) Enzymatic exfoliants normally apply as a gel that you rub into your skin until little balls appear having gently removed the top loose layer. They are great for sensitive/reactive/broken capallaries skin types are you have no harsh scrubs. Very gentle, but not great if you are losing tone in your skin as it can be hard to get off and feel like you are dragging your skin too much. You can use these for acne skin, but a side effect with acne is that your skin doesn’t shed efficiently therefore you normally need something a bit more thorough. So if you haven’t already added an exfoliant to your routine to get a radiant glowing skin.