A wonderful follow up review from katina.

My extraction facial experience Shine, Skin and Body from Kew proved to be very popular with you all and I wanted to do a recap. Here’s what happened: Shine’s Advanced Extraction Facial Before and After 4 Sessions. If you would like to see my other post with additional information and before / after photos from my first session, you can take a read here.

Shine's Advanced Extraction Facial - Before and After 4 Sessions

It has now been a month, so four sessions since I first walked into Shine, Skin and Body. To be completely honest with you, everyone close to me who has seen me since has noticed improvements in my skin.

I have been battling with acne for the longest time and it is so rare for anyone to ever complement me on my skin. It’s finally happening and I am so happy about it!

So what have I noticed? Well for starters I have less acne (haha), my makeup applies more evenly and less bumpy, I’m receiving less new breakouts (even at that time of the month) and my face is also slightly less oily.

Every week I was excited to visit Shine, Skin and Body because I knew every session was helping.

After the first two sessions, I had a few mini breakouts and some spots of my skin were drier than normal. This didn’t happen though with my third and fourth session, so I’m guessing that my skin just got used to it and balanced out.

Each session I had an extraction facial and twice I had different LED light therapy. One time it was the infra red LED to help promote healing. The other time I had the blue light which helps to remove bacteria that cause acne. Another session, I had a salicylic acid, zinc and tea tree mask which helps with oil flow and healing. As you can see, they like to mix it up.

All in all, I am extremely happy with the results, so of course I’m going to show you guys as well!

Before: left | After: right (Obviously)

As you can see I have soooo many less bumpy, acne bits on my face. My overall skin texture looks much better and my redness is also far less than it used to be.

In my last post I mentioned how amazing the staff was. There are only three ladies that work here: Sheridan, Sharaya and Alesia, and they’re all incredibly lovely. If you live in Melbourne and you want to try help lose some of your acne in a comfortable and effective environment, I cannot recommend Shine, Skin and Body enough.

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