It’s Richmond’s time to shine.

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It’s Richmond’s time to shine. Yep, Melbourne’s best extraction facial team have set up shop in a new two-storey space on Swan St.

If you haven’t heard of Shine before, they’ve made a name for themselves in Kew as THE experts in all things blackheads, acne and other congestion issues. They also do a range of anti-ageing treatments (using a power-packed combo of retinol, Vitamin C and a few other secret herbs and spices). They’ve even installed a new LED light therapy machine (which you can combine with any regular facial).

We have to say, the new Richmond boutique looks pretty speccy. Downstairs there’s a slight Alice In Wonderland vibe—daffodil yellow highlights, bunches of flowers and big ol’ vintage chandeliers swinging from the ceiling.

Upstairs it’s more your traditional skincare salon: a Zen-like mix of soothing muted shades, delicate fabrics and restored fireplaces. Owner Sheridan Rollard (great name) has pimped it out a little though, adding a Tord Boontje Midsummer light fitting that hangs over the treatment table like a cloud of fairy lights.

Recurring acne is one of life’s big pains, and people generally try several treatments at once to get rid of the stuff. But before you sign up for the hardcore drugs, swing by Shine and have a chat with their specialists. There are always other options, and they can tailor a treatment to suit your particular skin type.

Shine Skin & Body’s new salon is open for appointments every day except Sunday. Just give them a call to lock in a time.