What is dermaplanning?

Also known as dermaplanning or epi-blading-Epidermal leveling is a painless and very effective clinical treatment to exfoliate and remove unwanted facial hair, achieving smooth glowing skin and helping your makeup glide on and stay on beautifully.

The benefits are endless…….

Firstly it performs a thorough and customised level of exfoliation smoothing out bumps and leaving the skin super smooth, even texture and glowing

Secondly it removes fine facial hair, you will notice a fresher complexion and your makeup will sit better.

Thirdly it allows for better product penetration of any creams that go on afterwards and your homecare.

Fourth- The cleanest skin ever! Another added advantage we find at Shine skin and body being an acne clinic that specialises in extractions is that often stubborn blackheads just slide out with ease. The blade allows us to be quite precise in how much we exfoliate in certain areas, e.g especially in the dint under the lower lip that can be quite hard to exfoliate and smooth out. We find when combined with extractions it is one of our most thorough forms of deep cleansing. This treatment though is not for active acne, it works best in this case with blackheads and whiteheads.

All with no side effects, no downtime and instant results.

Dermaplanning levelling can also be used in-conjunction with other treatments such as extractions, peels, hydration and LED light therapy

It really is amazing how much of a visible difference this treatment will make and with the results lasting about a month.

How will the hair grow back?

There are 2 types of hair growth on the face. Vellus and Terminal.

Vellus is the fine dowdy hair that grows all over-sometimes a little more dense on the sides of the face.

Terminal hair is the thicker hair. Eyebrows, thicker chin hair such as the black or white ones you can get. (not to be confused with black soft fine hairs) When these grow back over the next month they grow back softly.

Your hair will not grow back thicker or spikey. We can not cause vellus hair to turn into terminal hair, they are completely different hair.

Dermaplanning leveling is focussed removing the vellus hair. If there is terminal hair we will either pluck them out beforehand, or we can go over them. When these grow back they may feel spiky.

How many treatments do i need? 

Dermaplanning leveling has become famous as a pre-event facial because of how smooth your make-up glides on and helps your makeup sit and stay beautifully all night.

At Shine you have a 70min treatment with also includes steam and extractions for people wanting a deep cleanse as well and massage and or mask if time allows.

You can have just one off, or you can have as your regular facial.

If you are having it for hair removal we recommend every 4 weeks.

What Epidermal Leveling treatments are there at Shine Skin and Body?

-a level 2 or 3 facial

-Add a AHA peel. (not for 1st time treatment)

-Brightening peel. (not for 1st time treatment)

-LED light therapy.

-Incorporate it into our deep hydration facial.

Can i wear make-up after epi-dermal leveling? Is there downtime? 

Yes, make-up can be applied straight after if needed.

There is no downtime, some skins may be slightly pink, but this will fade with-in a couple of hours maximum. Otherwise results are instant and your skin will be glowing as you walk out of the salon.