FAQ about Epi-dermal leveling

Epi-dermal leveling also known as dermaplanning or epi-blading is a treatment in which we use a blade to exfoliate the top layer of skin and remove the fine hair from the face resulting in a glowing clear complexion, perfect for make-up application.

At Shine Skin and Body we specialise in extraction facials for blackhead removal and clear skin, adding epi-dermal leveling to this is perfect to allow us to do an in depth customised exfoliation before performing extractions. The treatment can also be done as a 40 min treatment for before a night out so that your makeup sits on perfectly and holds all night or if you don’t need extractions.

To help with all the questions people have about this new treatment, we thought we would put it all down for you. So here is the list of FAQ of epi-dermal leveling

Who can have this treatment?
It is perfect for all skin types including sensitive skin. It is not suitable for active acne or men. It can be performed on pregnant women.

What should i expect during an epi-dermal leveling facial?
We commence with a double cleanse and skin analysis. We then begin the treatment. Using a fine balde we scrape the top layer of skin and hair to expose beautiful glowing skin. We then apply a hydrating mask to infuse into your skin. If we are doing to 70min treatment we continue to deep cleanse, steam and extractions.

Will the hair grow back thicker and spikey?
No. You have 2 types of hair on your face. Vellus and terminal. Vellus hair is the fine dowdy hair you have. Terminal hair is the thicker hair (i.e thick chin hairs) Vellus hair cannot become terminal and terminal cannot become vellus.

If you only have the fine hair it will grow back soft, if you have terminal hair it will grow back spikey. With these hairs though we will just pluck out the few you have. if you have a lot, another treatment may be better for you.

How many treatments do i need?
There is no need to have a course, you can have a once off to try it or before an event or you can have it as your regular monthly facial.

Does it hurt?
No, you don’t feel anything. It feels just like a light pressure.

Can i do it if i have acne?
Unfortunately no. We can do it over blackheads, in fact it works great on skin with blackheads, especially the 70min treatment which includes extractions, but not over active acne. If you have only 1 or 2 spots we can go around them, otherwise we would do another treatment. At Shine the majority of our facials go for 70mins, so we can do a peel or extraction facial instead which may be better for your skin at that moment.

Can i do it for hair removal only?
Yes. It is a great alternative to people who don’t want to wax and can’t get laser hair removal. If for hair removal we recommend you have the 40min treatment no sooner than every 3 weeks.

How do i look after my skin after the treatment?
Avoid all your highly active serums such as Vitamin A and acids for 3 days, but after that you can resume your normal skincare. Epi-dermal leveling actually helps the penetration of your products more efficiently

Is there any downtime?
No, there may be some pinkness when you leave, but otherwise you skin is glowing straight away.

When can i wear make-up after?
Straight away if you would like. After a facial we find our clients like not to to keep that clean fresh feel, but if you need to, you can.

Can i exercise after?
You are best waiting till the next day.