In your fifties, the skin changes you noticed in your forties becomes more noticeable.

This is for a number of reasons: slower cell turnover, loss of skin elasticity, lack of collagen production, sun damage, or even a drop in estrogen which decreases oil production.

Menopause can cause a multitude of skin problems. The drop on estrogen can extreme dryness, acne, and rosacea.

Combating acne. A decline in estrogen during menopause can dramatically affect the skin. As testosterone increases and cell renewal slows down, acne can resurface. Avoid stripping your skin as you may have done in your teens, your skin is more fragile and dryer now, it will only cause more problems. Use a spot treatment to avoid damaging other parts of your skin.

Pigmentation- It’s never too late to prevent sun damage and to stop the progression of damage you may already have. AHA’s and Vitamin C are the 2 ingredients you need to look for. Preferably in a serum and night cream for them to be more active.

Don’t Forget Your Neck and décolleté Your skin isn’t the only thing that gives your age away. As there are fewer sebaceous glands to lubricate the skin on the neck, it is dryer quicker this leads to accelerated ageing which in turn leads to the onset of sagging skin and deep wrinkles. The best way to treat this area is with a neck serum- formulated to help more with loss of tone. Everyday all your products should come down onto your neck. But always rub on upwards.

Hands- always forgotten, but gives away a woman’s age. With whatever is left over after apply serums and creams to face wipe on the back of your hands.

Regular exfoliating- Is the best way to keep skin looking young. As we age our cell turnover slows for 28 days to as much as 40 days. This leaves the skin looking dull and dry. Exfoliation will speed up this process giving a wonderful glow to your skin.

Serums- To stimulate collagen(responsible for wrinkles and tone) try products with vitamin C (look for L-ascorbic acid on the label) and retinol. Serums are the most powerful of all your products, and by your 50’s you should most defiantly be on one or both. If not start now.

Moisturise- This is the most important step. It will plump up fine lines giving your skin a softness. Look for anti-oxidant, anti-ageing products. Every little bit helps.
– At the top of any skincare regimen. Sun damage can break down collagen which causes premature aging signs like fine lines and wrinkles.

Make-up- Avoid powders and heavy eye makeup. It will settle into wrinkles and take on a mask-like appearance, making you look older. Instead, try a tinted moisturiser that will intensely hydrate the area whilst offering a radiant boost of colour. Diffusive rather than masking pigments will make skin look more radiant, Choose soft hues for the eyes like grey or brown liner.

Facials- Peels are fantastic. If you are concerned about pigmentation or dullness then a course of AHA peels would be best, if it is ageing- then retinol peels you can’t go past.


We have now added 3 different retinol peels to our menu so we can tailor make a program for you. Mention this blog to receive a free 30min massage with each retinol facial you book. (Vit A must be used proir to starting retinol facials)

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