They’re as different as night and day

Wondering why your beauty therapist keeps harping on about you having a day and night routine? Read on…. Your skin is your largest organ and its jobs change depending on what all your other organs are up to. During the day all your organs are hard at work- your heart beating, your lungs breathing, your liver is detoxing, so your skin does it basic function- protection. At night your heart rate slows down, your breathing slows down and your skin is goes into repair mode, regenerating new skin cells, detoxing excess oils, soaking in the products you out on your skin.  

AM is all about helping protect your skin.

Vitamin C An anti-oxidant. This means that it puts a shield around your skin to help bounce back anything trying to damage your skin- Sun, pollution, smoke, temperature. Giving you another layer of protection. Sunscreen- To help protect you from damaging uv rays Moisturiser To put a barrier on top minimising water loss.  

PM is about regenerating and rebuilding

Vitamin A is the No 1 rebuilding and regenerating ingredient. It comes in many forms (we stock 4 depending on your needs) The best anti-ageing product you can get, but helps with resurfacing, helps unclog skin prone to blackheads. AHA/BHA All about resurfacing. These products shouldn’t be used during the day as they breakdown the protection layer and can make your more sensitive to the sun if it is on your skin while you are outside. They are great for smoothing the skin, unclogging the pore, helping with pigmentation and scaring. Moisturiser This is when we start talking about heavier creams. It is whilst you are sleeping your skin will soak in products more. For a dehydrated to dry skin your skin will soak in the most moisture from a thicker cream. If oiler- then a light to medium moisturiser as very few skin are pure oily, most people have a slight combination skin.

Now for cleansing 2 x day

It is important to cleanse twice a day In the pm to remove make-up, dirt, pollution, etc. This one is easy- most people know that. It also removes any barriers allowing all your great night serums and creams penetrate into the skin. It is the am one I need to convince clients of. It is important that you wash off those great serums and thicker creams you put on your skin the night before, otherwise they just sit on your skin all day that when mixed with make-up, sweat and pollution just start clogging your skin.