My top 8 skin care tips.

  1. Sunscreenalways no 1. Wear sunscreen. No excuses. Doesn’t matter if it is cloudy, you live close to work, you hardly go into the sun, Sun damage developes in little bits over time. It doesn’t happen just from one bad exposure. This is the no 1 anti-ageing product you will ever buy.
  2. Double cleansingThe 1st step is always the most important. If your skin is cleansed properly the rest of your products will not penetrate through the oils, make-up and sunscreen left on your skin. It will also cause breakouts. The 1st cleanse will remove all the products and excess oil, the 2nd to cleanse the skin.
  3. No smoking– Smoking has been shown to make acne worse and speed up the ageing process since it diminishes the delivery of oxygen to the skin and robs it of nutrients.
  4. Good oils- Omega 3’s are the best thing that can happen for skin. Nuts, fish, avocado or internal omega supplements all boost hydration, feeds the skin nourishment and gives it a wonderful glow. adding external application of omegas will directly effect the skin.
  5. Neck and dec Everyone forgets about this area until they are in there 40’s and 50’s and then freak out. This area the skin is a lot finer, has to fight gravity more and is always forgotten. The easy remedy is to bring all your products down (but massage up) but there are specialised products for those areas which will work harder
  6. Eyes as above- once it has started ageing it is harder to fix. Best to get onto this before you get the lines and you will have beautiful eyes well into your older years. That is why eye creams and custom eye serums are made especially for this area to be stronger and lighter as this area is thinner and more fragile than any other area. It is also the most effected by expression lines. Eye serums are great to help brighten up the area and fight ageing on a deep level, eye creams for hydration and fine lines.
  7. Exfoliation- Don’t over do this! there used to be a belief to exfolaite 2-3 x week, but with the rise of more sensitised skins, exposed sundamage and strong products, this had been revised. exfolaition should be done about 1 x 2-4 weeks or less. i personally exfoliate 4 x yr. it should be on an as need basis, not a monday and thursday mindset. also watch out for exfolaiting serums and cleansers, these can sneakly add up
  8. Don’t pick- Never! How many times have you regretted it after? It can lead to infecting the area making it worse, inflaming it making it redder and standing out even more, or scarring which is much much harder to get rid of.  We know what we are doing at Shine, it takes us about 4 months to train someone in the right technique, so trust me, you don’t know how to do it well.