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Dull skin.

Dermal needling
$375 90mins

Significantly improving the appearance of your skin including fine lines, wrinkles, sun damaged, ageing skin, acne scars and stretch marks has never been easier thanks to the innovative and award-winning non-surgical skin regeneration procedure by Derma stamp.
Scar Reduction Therapy works by releasing old fibrotic scar tissue deep within the skin, breaking down the fibrotic tissue and releasing the anchor that makes the scar appear indented and more visible. This allows the skin to naturally regenerate and plump out the scar.
Collagen Induction Therapy works by stimulating your body’s collagen, working below the surface in the dermis to naturally regenerate the skin. New skin cells are generated and blood supply is enhanced.
This treatment consists of 2 facials 4-5 days apart
-1st facial 70mins Micro needling facial with led light therapy.
-2nd facial 30mins exfoliation and led light therapy. (4 days later)
Course of 3 930. Save 195.
Course of 6 1630. Save 630
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