At Shine skin and body Richmond, acne and extractions are what we specialise in. All staff are very highly trained in our method and you will have amazing results regardless of who you book with as we pride ourselves on your results and experience.

There will be a 15% surcharge for any treatments where Sheridan is requested.

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in your life, but there can be a downside too. Breakouts.

Whether you have ever suffered from acne or breakouts or not, your skin can change while you’re
pregnant thanks to a surge in your hormones.Some women are lucky and their spots clear up while they are pregnant, for others, it gets worse or they get spots for the first time.

For those of you who aren’t so lucky there is hope.

The breakouts are caused by hormonal surges, because your hormones fluctuate throughout the different stages of your pregnancy, but it can be managed.

At Shine we pride ourselves on helping our pregnant clients manage their skin issues. All of our facials (except BHA peels) are safe during pregnancy as we will customise your treatment to meet your needs and circumstances.



Deep Hydration

From $159 (70minutes)

Helping combat fine lines, ageing, dull or dehydrated skins. Your skin will look more plump and radiant.


Tailor Made

From $185 (90 minutes)

100% customisation by a senior therapist.

This is about radiance and supercharging your routine.



From $167 (70 minutes) $115 (40 minutes)

A thorough exfoliating and resurfacing of this treatment makes it perfect for rough textured and dry skin giving your skin a freshness.


Epi-Dermal Leveling

From $167 (70 minutes)  $115 (40 minutes)

A customised level of exfoliation and removal of fine hair to achieve smooth flawless skin. Great for uneven tone or texture, congestion, dull skin. Allows better product penetration. 


LED Light Therapy

From $115 (40 minutes)  add into facial $54 (15mins)

Combat and heal blemishes, pimples and acne bacteria with the dramatic effects of LED therapy.


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