Sleeping masks

Winter is here and that means our skin is getting a little drier thanks to heaters and going from hot rooms to cold outside all the time.

Need a quick and powerful fix? Try a sleeping mask.

The ultimate in lazy skin care: masks that work overnight while you get you sleep.

Whilst asleep, your skin is at its peak in terms of renewal and restoration, so it makes sense to have a highly penetrating mask on while you sleep. Your complexion works overtime at night to repair itself by increasing cell turnover and soaking in any nutrients you put on: It is the perfect time to slather on a mask. Gone are the days of putting on a mask and waiting 15mins for it to work, now just cleanse, put it on, go to bed and wake up with amazing glowing skin skin. Don’t worry; your pillow won’t be covered in product. Overnight ma, you could also put it on earlier in in the evening so it will soak in more before you sleep. 

They help with dehydration, dryness, fine lines, and dullness. Get one now to look amazing all winter long.

At the salon we have 2.

Pro-biotic mask- A luxurious hydrating mask that infuses the skin with pro-biotic rich ingredients to immediately comfort and soothe skin in need of moisture and nutrition, it deeply nourishes the skin, while the antioxidants help keep stressed skin calm and balanced. It is also great on acne skin that is inflamed and unbalanced as it is non-comedogenic and soothing. 

Nutri mask- A heavier mask for those that need more serious help. It will soak straight in and you won’t believe how your skin will look the next morning.

Come in and have a chat about how they can best work for you.