Welcome to Shine Skin and Body, where extraction facials are not just a treatment – they are our masterpiece. We are the name on everyone’s lips when it comes to revealing clear skin.
Allow us to shed light on our celebrated specialty, renowned across Melbourne and beyond.
Here at Shine, we have fine-tuned the art of extractions as a crucial component of our treatments. With years of mastery under our belt, our extraction technique has evolved into something truly exceptional. Our countless results, reviews and be awarded best facial for clogged pores in Melbourne twice! stand out as a testament to our expertise.
Our approach is all about achieving remarkable results while preserving the skin’s integrity. We prioritize infection control, employing sterile probes, gloves, and meticulously prepped skin. Steam softens the pores, serums calm and accelerate healing, and in some cases, high-frequency treatments curtail breakout risks.
Our extraction facials are a remedy for all types of acne, ranging from stubborn blackheads to inflamed breakouts. It’s the key to reclaiming control over runaway acne, unclogging pores, calming inflammation, eliminating bacteria, and minimizing scarring. We are not only about treating the symptoms; we dive deep to uncover the root causes of acne, whether it’s hormones, digestion, diet, or stress.
Why We Swear by Extractions
While there are many paths to clear skin, we are firm believers in the extraction method for tackling congestion. Why? Because it gets the job done. Unlike harsh peels or microdermabrasion, which only skim the surface, our technique clears pores at their core.
The Shine Method: Your Path to Flawlessness
For those seeking an in-depth experience, we dedicate up to 45 minutes for extractions, ensuring thorough clearance and expedited results. Throughout, we  place utmost emphasis on your skin’s health and structure.
Unlike other methods that risk scarring due to excess pressure, we don’t use metal tools, relying on our gentle yet effective technique.
How Many Facials?
For blackheads we recommend facials every 4 weeks to keep blackheads in check, ensuring they remain smaller and less prominent. Deeper congestion and pimples require a series of facials, usually 3-4 weeks apart initially, tapering off as your skin gains control. quite bad acne and cystic acne may necessitate more frequent visits, perhaps once every two weeks, coupled with LED light therapy for comprehensive results.
If only blackheads and whiteheads you will have no recovery time, if any pimples, redness may fade within 1-2 hours. More inflamed acne could result in residual redness through the night. Your personal wound healing process dictates recovery, which can span 1-5 days based on factors like health, stress, skincare routine, and skin health.
Breakouts after facials? We are proactive in minimizing this possibility through meticulous pre- and post-extraction care.
The First Step
During your first visit, embark on a discovery facial – a gateway to understanding your unique acne triggers. While our extraction facials are pivotal, it’s essential to address inflammation, skin health, homecare routine, and underlying causes for lasting results. We offer customisable additions like LED light therapy and lymphatic massage to amplify your experience.
Ready to embrace your skin’s potential? Book a discovery facial for your initial visit, and from there, your therapist will curate the best facial moving forward. Rest assured, extractions are seamlessly woven into all our facials – just let us know it’s what you are after.
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