By Jason Rollard


Why have a men’s facial?

When I was a kid a facial was something ladies went and did while their men played golf.

But a facial could be the secret weapon that gets you ahead in the skincare game and Shine skin and body do a facial custom made for men.

We all want to look younger longer, we all want our skin to look healthy and clean. Men are no different and there are a lot of skincare solutions now aimed at men.You can see adds on TV or online.

The benefit of having a facial before going out and spending hundreds of dollars on skincare would be that a trained professional will look at your skin history through a consultation form and analyse your skin with a megi lamp and recommend the right way forward for taking care of one of your best assets, kinda like a personal trainer for your face.

The Shine skin and body Male facial is the perfect introduction to tailored skincare for men. It’s a facial designed to suit your skin and male skincare needs.

So why have a men’s facial instead of just a regular facial?

There is nothing wrong with having a standard extraction facial or chemical peel, but a facial that is specialized for men’s skin to start with will be a major benefit. Men have thicker skin than women, they have testosterone, they shave and they grow beards. Men generally don’t wear makeup and diet, Sport and sun affect men’s skin differently.

So a facial designed to cater to men’s needs only makes sense.

What happens in a Shine skin and body Male facial?

Before you have a facial it’s a good idea to prepare a little. Have a shave the day before, your therapist will thank you. You can have a facial if you have a beard they will focus on your T-zone, cheeks and forehead.

On your first visit they will have you fill out a consultation form. It’s a good idea to come in a little before your scheduled appointment so you can fill the form in and not cut into you allotted facial time. It will have questions about your medical history what skincare products do you use at home and what concerns you most about your skin.

The therapist that will do your treatment will sit down with you and quickly go through your form asking any questions if she needs more information. Some skin care products have ingredients that cause more harm than good, some medications need special consideration. All this information helps your therapist cater the treatment for you.

The rooms are best described as cosy they are not a sterile medical environment like some skin care clinics and they are not excessively girly, there is no pink paint or frilly material like the Barbie fun house type beauty salons. The rooms feel more like someone’s home, arm chair in the corner, candles, cool music, a bit of Nirvana unplugged a bit of Beatles and a split system controlling the room temperature, very relaxing.

Once you are tucked in it all starts with a skin analysis. This is where your therapist will assess your skin with the aid of a magi lamp, a device that is part lighthouse and part giant magnifying glass. Then checking your T-zone for oiliness and large pores, dryness of the forehead, acne in the cheek area could be a result of diet or food allergies, pigmentation from sun damage, fine lines around the eyes or forehead. This information allows your therapist to target problem areas and cater the facial to your unique needs. For men the skin analysis is done before cleansing there is no make up to remove and this allows the therapist a chance to see the oily areas of the face

Then your therapist will apply Sothys Homme cleanser. It is a great 3 in 1 product. Containing volcanic clay to cleanse and energise the skin, lava grains to exfoliate and smooth and also a mask to revitalize and purify. The smell is perfect for guys and your skin feels so fresh afterwards. Whilst this is on the relaxation starts with a scalp massage.

After 7mins it is removed with a warm towel compress

Desquacrem is a unique product to sothys that penetrates into your pores and cleans them where the oil is. It works like a scrubbing brush giving you a deep cleanse. The steamer is used at the same time to help open the pores allowing the desqucrem to penetrate deeper

Now you are clean!

At this point of the facial we come to folk in the road. This is where the facial is customized to suit differing skin types oily, dry, aged and combination.

If your skin is oily or has acne and blackheads they will do extractions-clearing out all the congestion from your pores. If your acne is inflamed then they finish off with high frequency, it kills bacteria and reduces your chances of break outs after your facial.

If your skin is on the dry side the plan of attack is hydration. Expect a moisturising massage cream and a creamy re hydrating mask.

If age is your concern they apply serums, masks and creams that tackle fine lines and encourage collagen production.

For combination skin they do a blend of extractions, a hydrating mask and anti-ageing serums depending on what is called for and where.

Finishing off with another warm towel, moisturiser and of course sunscreen. Your therapist will talk to about any recommended skincare product when you come to reception so you can keep your skin in top condition long after your facial.

You should have a facial about everyday four weeks, so proper skin care will help you maintain healthy skin inbetween.

When all is said and done the male facial from shine skin and body really is a facial that is designed not only for men but the right facial for an individual.

Jason Rollard owner of Shine skin and body 323 Swan street Richmond, Melbourne Australia.

Beauty for blokes

By Jason Rollard

There was a time not long ago when any guy who used skincare products would be considered feminen. Thankfully these days we men have better respect for the state of our skin.

You only get one chance to make a great first impression. Saving that job interview or future partner from a face full of acne or wrinkles isn’t all about vanity. Clear healthy skin gives you the confidence to be yourself without feeling shy or ashamed. Just like taking care of your fitness or looking after your hair, showing respect for your skin lets people know you care about how you present yourself.

Men can have acne well into their thirties. Hormones, ingrown hairs, stress and diet can all trigger acne.  Extraction facials are what are really needed to help with acne (a blog for a later time) and a great skincare therapist will help you try to find the cause, but products can help control acne,  kill bacteria that makes it spread, diminish scaring and have you on your way to clearer skin.

Ageing can’t be stopped, it will happen to all of us. It is accelerated by sun damage, wind, smoking, and squinting, but skincare can slow it down. The use of sunscreen and active ingredients in skincare products can delay the signs so that we look younger than our age for as long as possible

Men’s skin is thicker than women’s and produces more oil, so it has larger pores therefore more prone to blackheads although you can use your partner’s skincare products there is a justification for products tailored just for men.

Every year there are more male skincare products on the market. Many are advertised on television or sold in supermarkets and chemists. Others are sold in salons where you can also get facials and skincare treatments. I find the first type, tend to be jumping on the male skincare bandwagon and Salon products tend to be better researched, higher quality and have better delivery of ingredients. To use an analogy it’s like comparing Mc Donald’s to fine dining


I thought I would list some skincare products and what they do for your skin so you can decide what to store in your skincare arsenal. I have listed them in order of most important first.

SPF Sunscreen– Sunscreen is the most important skincare product you can own. It protects your skin from damaging UV rays which accelerate the ageing process and cause wrinkles, uneven skin tone and redness.

You should use it every morning after your moisturiser and remember to apply to the face and neck area.

Cleanser – Cleansing helps remove pollution, grime and oil. It washes the face more thoroughly and gentler than soap giving a clean slate for all the active products afterwards. A cleanser replaces soap when it comes to cleaning the face. Soap is designed to clean the hands and the body but is too harsh for the softer skin of the face often containing chemicals and fragrance not compatible with the skin on your face. For dry or sensitive skin try a milk cleanser and for oily skin try a foaming cleanser.

Use morning and night. Gently massage in with water and then rinse off.

Exfoliate – This normally comes in the form of a scrub or granules. Exfoliation is a really important step in your routine.  Done twice a week it will help give your skin smoothness. Helping it look fresh and clear. Exfoliation takes off the top layer of skin that hasn’t fully shredded off . If you don’t exfoliate bacteria can spread under those layers and  cause your acne to spread, If dry that dead skin will work as  a barrier on top not allowing your more active products through therefore keeping your skin dry and rough

If you suffer from blackheads or breakouts it will help control this to a degree and if you are dry it reduce the tightness or flakiness

Use after cleansing 2 x weeks. It is easiest to use in the shower

Moisturiser – Men with dry skin get this one, moisturise will help alleviate that tight feeling and flakiness, but it is just as beneficial if you are oily. Choose an oil free or mattifying moisturiser to help rebalance and control your oil flow.

Apply a small amount to the face and neck twice a day chose an oil free moisturiser for oily skin.

Once you have mastered the basics there are other products such as toners, eye creams and serums but I will leave them for another blog.