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“Shine Skin Solutions” is a 70-minute treatment for new clients, specifically acne sufferers, which includes a 20-minute full skin consultation to determine your skin type, condition and acne grade, a 40 min. facial that includes extractions a future…

Mens facial at Shine skin and body Melbourne

The Shine Skin and Body Male Facial

By Jason Rollard Why have a men’s facial? When I was a kid a facial was something ladies went and did while their men played golf. But a facial could be the secret weapon that gets you ahead…

Melbourne extraction facials

What happens during an extraction facial at Shine

Ever wondered what happens during one of our extraction facials? Want to find out if this is the right treatment for you? Here is the lowdown on how it all works… At Shine we start every facial with…

Beauty for blokes

Beauty for blokes By Jason Rollard There was a time not long ago when any guy who used skincare products would be considered feminen. Thankfully these days we men have better respect for the state of our skin….