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Highly specialised technology coupled with skin mimicking creams and a ground breaking engineering process makes the Dermaviduals delivery process truly unique. This enables our active ingredients to permeate through the skin barrier, in the most pure form, providing the most accurate and responsive delivery system

The Dermaviduals range contains over 35 different active serums that are encapsulated in liposomes or nanoparticles. These fuse with the barrier layers of the skin enabling penetration of the active ingredients. Once released, these agents permeate through the skin barrier, in a pure manner, providing an accurate and responsive delivery system. Dermaviduals also offers a specialty product line for dermatological skin correction.

Cosmeceutical skincare

Cosmeceutical refers to  product that sits between a cosmetic-grade and pharmaceutical-grade product. These ranges contain active ingredients like vitamins, antioxidants, or botanical extracts designed to improve and support skin function. 

The ingredients, complexes and delivery systems found in cosmeceuticals are often supported by scientific research, and are formulated to remain stable and highly effective for topical use.

We stock Aspect, Cosmedix and PCA.

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