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Discovery facial – 70 or 85 mins

Welcome to Shine skin and body. We are glad you have decided to consider including us on your journey to improved skin.

 We take skin serious! Treating skin goes deeper than just treating the symptoms, but finding the cause is important too.

Being able to dive deep and really understand your concerns, your routines, your skin, your lifestyle helps us be able to treat your skin

We are here to offer help with our expertise and experience in any way we can.
Over the years the demand for our facials has grown and the Discovery facial is the perfect place to start towards clear, healthy, radiant skin.
The Discovery facial allows us to get to know you, your skin, your history and your current concerns. Even if you have been under the care of a skin therapist previously, we believe in starting from the beginning and developing a plan to help you achieve your goals.

At Shine skin and body Richmond, our approach to skin health starts by identifying our client needs, using in-depth skin consultation and analysis to personalise treatments all based around our specially developed extraction facial technique.

There are 2 options. A 70min option includes our in-depth consultation and images followed by an introduction facial. Option 2 is a 85min version which includes our in-depth consultation and images plus a full extraction facial to follow.

Starting with- 20min discovery- using images and an in-depth consultation process, a senior therapist will analyse your current routine, diet and medical issues to help give you the answers to your skin concerns.

Finishing with-10min Setting plan– Be set on the right path going forward

In the middle-choose from

-40min facial -get started on getting some results for your skin (70mins in total)

-55min facial -Have a full facial included. (85mins in total)


discovery 70

Skin specialist    185

Principal therapist   215

discovery 85

Skin specialist    215

Principal therapist   265