Exfoliation is the best product to change your skin around. It will give you skin glow, giving you a radiant, healthy skin.

Oily-it helps balance the oil flow,

Dry- takes off the rough outer layer making it softer and allowing moisturisers to penetrate,

Acne-allow the skin to breathe. Some can be anti-bacterial.

Exfoliaiton is a step missing in a lot of peoples skin care routine. You can’t be bothered, forget or don’t have the time.

With so many different types of exfoliants out there at the moment, it is now easier than ever… You just need to pick the right one for you.


Light everyday scrub-   

(for a balanced normal skin type) Also referred to as microexfoliants. They are very light and suited to quite a balanced skin that needs only a boost. They are more of a top layer polish than through exfoliation. If you have concerns or problems with your skin then these are not for you.  Ask about douceur scrub


(for all skin types except sensitive) Never go rough. It shouldn’t hurt or turn you red. Scrubs are great for people short on time and want something quick to do in the shower. Ask about Cellabation


(all skins but great for congestion and acne) The most through of all exfoliants. Disolves the build up of skin and loosens the top layers of skin. They are antibacterial so great for acne. Sometimes come in a gel that you just put on at night under your moisturiser- can’t get easier (just not for sensitive skin) Ask about Exfol 15


(any skin type, great for sensitive, but not acne) hese are creams of gels that you apply allow to dry and then rub off. Great for sensitive or broken capalliary skin. Very gentle, but not great if you are losing tone in your skin as it can be hard to get off and feel like you are dragging your skin too much. Not great for acne because if you rub over pimple you can take the top off and spread bacteria. Ask about Fruit Enzyme Peel.

So if you haven’t already add an exfoliant to your routine to get a radiant glowing skin.