From your 60’s on is a great time for your skin because your hormones have finished fluctuating and your skin is becoming more stable. Loss of tone is the main problem– it comes with the territory, but a combination of good skincare and regular facials can help it still look beautiful, radiant and youthful.

Most skin-rejuvenation strategies will work, but only at a slower pace and to a lesser degree. It doesn’t mean don’t do them, it is never too late to slow down the ageing process.

In our sixties we have loose, sagging skin somewhere. Skin cells have 30 per cent less natural moisture now than when you were younger, so skin’s noticeably drier, thinner, tighter and flakier.

Inconsistent sun protection means age spots are showing up. AHA’s and Vitamin C that you may have started earlier are still the way to go, if you haven’t started them already-get on board.

Treat your skin gently. Our skin becomes more fragile as we age, and it is more easily damaged. If you haven’t had a good skincare regime up till now, start off gently and introduce new products or treatments slowly. If you have been looking after you skin- keep up the good work and even change some things around a bit more.

Homecare- gentle is the word- a gentle milk cleanser, a light scrub or preferably one that contains aha’s, a tinted sunscreen in your moisturiser for day and a intensily hydrating moisturiser at night. In most case the thicker the better.

Treatments- if starting out just do a standard facial, let your therapist get used to your skin then you can go harder.

But hydration and toning are your key focus now.