If you suffer from sensitive skin reactive skin or Rosacea there is something you can do about it..

At Shine skin and body Richmond, acne and extractions are what we specialise in. All staff are very highly trained in our method and you will have amazing results regardless of who you book with as we pride ourselves on your results and experience.

Any skin type can experience sensitivity. There are many internal and external factors that can trigger
sensitivity- such as pollution, dust, hormones and emotional stress. Causing breakouts, redness,
rashes and dryness on a visual level and eczema, rosacea and severe allergies on a deeper level.

There are 3 types when we talk about sensitive skin;
1. Reactive skin- goes red easily, flushes easily, has a pink undertone
2. Sensitized skin- caused from misuse of incorrect products and environmental exposure
3. Sensitive skin- True sensitive- Genetic condition-has always been sensitive.

We will help guide you back to calmer, stronger more resilient skin.




From $200 (85 minutes)

Indulge in our signature facial. Our longest facial to give you more in-depth results. Full customization by a senior therapist for your individual concerns. Choosing from an array of devices, masks, and actives.


LED Light Therapy

From $99 (40 minutes)   in facial $54 (15mins)

Combat and heal blemishes, pimples and acne bacteria with the dramatic effects of LED therapy.



From $177 (70 minutes)

Designed to calm redness and inflammation in the skin. Perfect for Rosacea, Peri-oral dermatitis or heightened sensitivity. Ingredients chosen for your particular concern. Includes LED light therapy.



Vitamin B

For healthy glowing skin

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