Quite often removing acne is not the end of the journey to have you back to clear skin. There are 3 types of scarring- dark marks, red mars and pitted.  We can help with all 3 of these conditions.

At Shine skin and body Richmond, our approach to skin health starts by identifying our client needs, using in-depth skin consultation and analysis to personalise treatments all based around our specially developed extraction facial technique.

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) is the term used to describe discoloration of the skin that follows an inflammatory wound. It’s not pitted or raised, simply darker than the surrounding skin. This discoloration can range in color from light brown, brown and black.

Post inflammatory erythema (PIE) is the term for damaged capallaries and redness after acne.

Acne scarring is pitted scaring where there is a loss of tissue, causing a pitted or depressed area, or an overgrowth of tissue leaving a raised scar. This needs to be treated with dermal needling.

PIH or PIE is the skin’s natural response to inflammation, it develops when a wound or irritation, like a pimple or picking at your skin, causes the skin to become inflamed and damged. As the skin is healing, it produces too much melanin. Melanin is the protein in the skin that gives the skin its colour. It’s the excess melanin that darkens and discolours the skin. This discoloration remains even after the wound has completely healed.

PIH and PIE will fade on its own gradually over time. The time relates to your healing process and the darkness of the pigment. Sometimes it doesn’t always fade away on its own. In some cases, it can more or less be permanent. There are treatments that will help. Some may not completely erase dark marks, but will at least lighten them considerably and help speed up fade time.

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