Mens Treatments – Shine skin and body Richmond

SHINE SKIN SOLUTIONS——————————————————  70mins                                $166

At Shine skin and body we are all about honest answers and solutions for your skin.

Shine Skin Solutions” is our new 70-minute treatment for new clients, specifically acne sufferers, which includes a 20-minute full skin consultation to determine your skin type, condition and acne grade, before we commence a 40min facial including extractions and develop a future treatment plan that is streamlined to your skin’s needs.

During the consultation we will look at all possible causes and remedies for your skin issues. We encourage you to bring in your current skincare and make-up so we can analyse the ingredients and discuss what is working and what might need replacing. A homecare regimen will also be recommended if needed, which we will explain how to use to ensure the best outcomes for your skin, along with guidance and advice.

A treatment plan is also part of the session, which may include a course of facials from between 2-4 weeks or more, depending on what level of care your skin needs to get it back on track and acne free.

ALLEVIATE ACNE TREATMENT—————————————————–2 hours 15 min         $267

This package is for those of you who suffer badly from acne. It includes your back, chest and face for an intensive treatment. It starts with a 30 min back treatment that’s a double cleanse a BHA peel and extractions. We then move onto a 70min extraction facial and add in chest as well. Preparing your skin for extra extractions we cleanse exfoliate, deep cleanse and steam before starting your extractions. In this package you receive an extra 20mins of extractions (on top of what we already do) An LED light therapy is chosen for your skin (to kill bacteria, to heal or to reduce inflammation) We finish off with a high frequency treatment which zaps surface bacteria, speeds up the healing time and reduces your chances of reoccurring breakouts.

Add an AHA or BHA peel for an extra $10 (dependent on skin type)

DEEP CLEANSING TREATMENT—————————————————-1 hours 45 min         $217

Extraction facial, LED light therapy and either microdermabrasion or 15mins extra extractions

This package is for those with a deep congestion (so those bumps and lumps under the skin) We commence with a through microdermabrasion(if choosen), we then proceed to a deep cleanse and steam to prepare the skin, then we begin extractions. At shine this can be up to to 45min of extractions (if that is needed) (or 1hr if choosen instead of microdermabrasion) We will then choose an LED light therapy for your skin condition (to kill bacteria, to speed up healing or to help with inflammation) We finish off with a High Frequency treatment which zaps surface bacteria, helps heal the skin quicker and reduce chances of re-occurring breakouts.

BANISH BREAKOUTS TREATMENT————————————————90mins         $192

70min extraction facial including chest and LED light therapy. We start off with a cleanse, exfoliation, deep cleanse and steam then we begin extractions on face and chest. We perform a LED light therapy  An LED light therapy is chosen for your skin (to kill bacteria, to heal or to reduce inflammation) We finish off with a high frequency treatment which zaps surface bacteria, heals your skin faster and reduces your chances of breaking out.

Add a AHA or BHA peel for an extra $10 (dependent on skin type)

EXTRACTION FACIAL————————————————–70mins         $138

Shine’s most popular facial. Our Extraction facial leaves your skin visibly clearer with less imperfections. Includes extractions and high frequency to prevent future breakouts.


MENS FACIAL———————————————————–70min        $146

Mens skin tends to be thicker and oiler than womens, more prone to blackheads, also ingrown hairs. Shine skin and body’s Mens facial begins with a consultation and includes education on how to look after your concerns, extractions where needed, but also helping to address uneven skin tone, ageing or redness.

MICRODERMABRASION—————————————————-45mins $99    ADD INTO FACIAL  $20

Using a diamond tip Microdermabrasion have your skin feel fresh and smooth. Microdermabrasion using diamonds to remove the top layer of built up skin the vacuum suction then removes the loosened skin from the surface. Great for unblocking pores, refining the texture and giving radiance to the skin. 

45min treatment does not include extractions, if extractions are needed then add micro into a facial



Add any of the following onto any facial  treatment:

Back treatment $66

Chest focus $21

Eye Treatment $43

Neck Treatment $42

LED light therapy $54

Microdermabrasion  $20


Healite is the ”new generation” LED Light Therapy, the latest pain-free and clinically proven photo rejuvenation device.*

Healite offers many benefits to improve skin health. Your skin has the ability to absorb specific wavelengths and use it as a source of energy to stimulate cellular regeneration. When specific wavelengths (colours) of light shine into the skin, they are absorbed setting off natural healing processes within the body. This improves skin tone and clarity. Wrinkles and fine lines are softened by the increased production of collagen.

There are three LED therapies to choose from – red light for a more radiant complexion and to calm and heal the skin, Infrared light to reduce the signs of ageing, and blue light to steralise and combat acne and blemished skin. Different results can be achieved depending on the colour of the light.

Benefits include:

  • Stimulates collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid (anti ageing and hydrating)
  • Repairs and intensely hydrates to enhance skin tone, luminosity and texture
  • Activates your skin’s own natural renewal system for younger, healthier skin
  • Promotes cellular function resulting in a glowing radiant skin
  • Reduces acne and blackheads
  • Stimulates wound healing and relieves pain and stiffness in muscles.

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