Due to an increased amount of the medical industry seeking our guidance to help them in skin conditions not previously experienced, we have decided to dedicate this page just for you. 

At Shine skin and body Richmond, our approach to skin health starts by identifying our client needs, using in-depth skin consultation and analysis to personalise treatments all based around our specially developed extraction facial technique.


We have always had a lot of doctors nurses and other medical staff visit us here at shine due to effects of controlled environments, shift work and balancing study and work have had on their skin, but since 2020 this number has grown due feelings of overwhelm, stress, overwork and the big one N95 masks. 

We are here to help, using a combination of in-depth consultations, honest skin advise, gentle approach to dealing with skin, extractions for acne, and a scientific view on how the skin works and the best way to help it, we can help you achieve the clearest, calmest and radiant skin possible. 

For your 1st session, we ask you to book a discovery facial, this enables us to do an in-depth consultation and work out a plan for you. this includes a facial as well to start you on your journey. The 85min discovery allows us longer to incorporate one of our amazing massages or a calming LED in your treatment.  After this 1st treatment we will chat to you about the best facial to book. 



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