Using diamond tip Microdermbrasion, the thorough exfoliating and resurfacing of this treatment makes it perfect for rough textured and dry skin giving your skin a freshness.

Perfect for;

Congested skin.


Dull skin.

Fine lines.


When excess skin cells build up on the surface of your skin, your complexion can appear dull, dry, congested or in some cases rough and flaky. Blackheads are more likely to develop into pimples as excess skin can trap the pores, creating a breeding ground for bacteria. Dehydration accelerates the appearance of fine lines and ageing.

Removing the excess skin that blocks the surface means skincare products penetrate up to 50% more, so serums can work more efficiently and get you better results.

With regular microdermabrasion treatments, the skin gets into a healthy rhythm and the cells in the lower layers can work more efficiently, which means collagen and elastin production is increased, in turn giving your skin strength and slowing the ageing process.

Microdermabrasion also increases the stimulation of blood flow, so oxygen and skin nutrients reach all areas and cells. This is what gives your complexion a healthy, natural glow and radiance.


70 min Skin Specialist  $170

70 min Principal Therapist $195.50. All new clients wishing to see our prinicpal therapist, must book a discovery+ facial first.

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