The Alleviating Acne Treatment


  • 20min back treatment
  • BHA peel and extraction facial
  • 20min extra extractions
  • LED light therapy
  • High Frequency

Total time 2 hrs 25 min.

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This package is for those of you who suffer badly from acne. It includes your back, chest and face for an intensive treatment. It starts with a 30 min back treatment that’s a double cleanse a BHA peel and extractions. We then move onto a 70min extraction facial and add in chest as well. Preparing your skin for extra extractions we cleanse exfoliate, deep cleanse and steam before starting your extractions. In this package you receive an extra 20mins of extractions (on top of what we already do) An LED light therapy is chosen for your skin (to kill bacteria, to heal or to reduce inflammation) We finish off with a high frequency treatment which zaps surface bacteria, speeds up the healing time and reduces your chances of reoccurring breakouts.

2 hours 25 min. price includes a non refundable $3 paypal booking fee