Makeup removal made easy

Let me tell you about a magical potion that will remove your makeup with ease and without water It’s called Micellar water.

Developed in France over a hundred years ago due to the harsh French water Micellar water is what it says on the label Micelles molecules in water. Molecules that attract dirt, grime and oil and therefore cleans the face thoroughly.

You don’t need cotton wipes or face washers or water it’s an mean lean cleaning machine that dissolves all that is unwanted on your face and leaves you feeling moisturised..

It won’t dry out your skin, it’s suited to all skin types, never feels oily and is soft on your skin.

Great for sensitive skin, dry skin and acne because it has none of the foaming agent SLS which is often used in foaming cleansers and can dry out and irritate skin.

The importance of makeup can not be understated it conceals acne and puts a rose in your cheeks but it can be a chore to get off and most women will have more than one late night when the thought of makeup removal is too much to bare.

Not only does it remove makeup it is a all purpose everyday cleanser which can be great for downsizing skincare. At home or travelling.

There are cheap versions of Micellar water on the market. You may have seen some advertised on television, just remember you pay for what you get. Cheaper brands won’t remove waterproof makeup or makeup piled on. The cheaper brands can also have a lot more preservatives. Always read the label to find out what is in it.