We do extractions!

At Shine Skin and Body we do extractions as part of our treatments if they are needed. We have become experts at extractions and refined our technique over many years, with many happy clients.

Here at Shine, our staff are under the guidance and mentoring of Sheridan who has 24yrs experience in extractions. It takes us over 6months to train someone in our method. That means you are in great hands with any of our therapists.

What are extractions?

Extractions are a method of clearing out congestion manually resulting in clearer, smoother, fresher skin. Acne free skin and less redness.

Why would you have extraction facial?

Our extraction facials are for any type of acne from blackheads to quite inflamed acne. 

It is a great way to get on top of runaway acne, clear congestion and bumps that can be seen under the skin. To speed up the process to clearer skin, calm inflammation, clear bacteria, heal faster and have less scarring. 

We also focus on locating the starting point and cause of acne. Clearing up the skin can help tell us if acne is caused by hormones, digestion, diet, skincare or makeup, stress etc.

Some people just like the sensation of how clean their skin feels after an extraction clear out.

Our facials combine extractions, mask and or massage depending on the severity of your acne and the length of the facial.

Read here what happens during an extraction facial

Why do we believe in extractions in our facials over other treatments for congestion?

Because it works! We work by getting it out.  It is better for the skin than using harsh peels or microdermabrasion which only works on exfoliating the surface, but doesn’t clear the pores.

So, what is our method and what makes it so special?

It is about being gentle enough that scarring doesn’t occur, but thorough enough to get results. We take infection control seriously we use sterile probes, gloves, very well prepped skin, steam to soften pores and we use serums afterwards to calm and heal the skin faster. In some cases, also High frequency to reduce your chances of breaking out after.

If needed we can spend up to 45mins doing extractions which means more clearance and faster results for you. Throughout all this we put the health and structure of the skin at upmost importance.

Some places use a metal tool, we don’t believe in these, they usually need more pressure than necessary leading to a higher incidence of scarring.

What kind of acne are extractions good for?

There are 4 grades of acne

Grade 1- Blackheads

Grade 2- Blackheads, whiteheads and some pimples.

Grade 3- Blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and a couple of cysts

Grade 4- all of the above.

We treat all Grades.

How many do I need?

Grade 1- If you have blackheads in your nose these may be hereditary this means, they will come back, but what extraction facials will do is keep them smaller and the appearance much better. This means it will take regular facials that your therapist and you can work out.

Grade 2-3 If you have quite congested skin then we would need to do a few facials somewhere from 3-4 weeks apart, then push them out once we have your skin under control to 4-6 weeks apart go onto a maintenance program.

Grade 4 If you have quite a lot of acne in some cases, we recommend a facial every 2 weeks for a few facials and also recommend adding an LED light therapy to your facial. After we have your skin in control then we can push them out a bit too and go onto a maintenance program.

What results can I expect?

In our 1st facial we have you book a discovery facial. The reason for this is there are many causes for what may be causing your acne. It is important to get to the bottom of the cause and have you looking after your skin correctly, otherwise the facials by themselves will have limited results. It is also important you are using the right homecare- this does not mean necessarily homecare that we stock in the salon, but may be a mixture of what you have at home and adding something that may be missing.

It can take a few facials and some lifestyle and homecare changes.

Are extractions all you need for great skin?

No. Extractions are a big part of clearing your skin, but we also look at inflammation, skin health, homecare routine and the cause of your skin conditions to give your advice to help the acne not return.

We can also add Led light therapy, lymphatic massage or different exfoliation options to customise your results.

What recovery will I have?

For Grade 1 and 2 acne you may be red when you leave the salon and that will subside within 1-2hrs.

For more inflamed acne you may still be red that night.

Everyone has a different wound healing process- (it depends on your own health, stress levels, homecare routine, health of your skin) therefore it can take 1-5 days to fully heal.

You may have breakout after a facial your therapist will let you know if this is a possibility. we do everything we can during and after your extractions to reduce this from happening.


What do i book?

For your 1st visit with us bookk a discovery facial. Your therapist will then recommend the best facial for you going forward, all our facials have extractions if that is what you are after.