Exfoliating is a step missing in a lot of peoples skin care routine. People can’t be bothered, they forget or don’t have the time.

But with so many different types of exfoliants out there now, it is easier than ever…… you just need to pick the right one for you.

Light everyday scrub –balanced/normal skin(Payot scrub)

also referred to as microscrubs. They are very light and suited to a balanced skin that needs a boost, they give more of a top layer polish then a deep exfoliation.

Scrub-thicker/tougher skin (Aspect Cellabation)

Never go rough. It shouldn’t hurt or turn you really red. If it does stop! and throw it out you will do more damage. Scrubs are great for people short on time and want something quick to do in the shower.

AHA’s- congested/acne/normal (Aspect Exfol)

Alpha Hydroxy acid. The most through exfoliation you can use. Dissolves the build up of skin, loosens the top layer of skin and antibacterial. Normally comes in a gel you put on at night under your moisturiser and leave on. How easy is that! Beaware- not for sensitive skin.

Gommage –anyone-especially sensitive-but not acne (Aspect fruit enzyme mask)

These are creams/gels that you apply and allow to dry. once dry you rub off. Great for sensitive skin or skin with capillary damage as it is very gentle.Not ideal for acne as you can’t use over a pimple. You might pop them and spread bacteria.

Exfoliating is the step that can change your skin around.

-oily-it helps balance the oil flow

-dry- Takes off the rough outer layer allowing your products to penetrate

-acne- allow your skin to breathe and some are antibacterial.

So if you haven’t already add an exfoliant  to your routine now.