THE SUN – Prevention, is absolutely the best medicine against skin ageing. And that means staying out of the sun. One of the biggest ways to keep your youthful skin as long as you possibly can is by steering clear of the tanning booth and sunbaking, and using sunscreen daily. UV rays cause 90% of premature ageing, so healthy sun habits now will be noticed when you’re in your 30’s and beyond.

SMOKING studies show that it hampers the body’s ability to make collagen and also leads to premature wrinkling. Combine a heavy cigarette habit with a lot of sun exposure and you’re more than 10 times more likely to develop wrinkles than people your same age who don’t smoke and who do stay out of the sun.

ANTI-AGEING PRODUCTS: If you’re in your 20’s, you don’t have to be concerned about anti-aging products yet. It just isn’t necessary. In your 20’s you are not yet at a point where a lifting or wrinkle cream is necessary. Simply use a gentle product line. An antioxidant moisturizer or serum is great. Luzern’s Force De Vie is lightweight and full of anti-oxidents, also Aspects Vitamin B. They help minimize the damage caused by sun exposure, smoking, heavy make-up and pollution.

ACNE: Your skin may be shifting from teenage acne to the adult variety, which means breakouts migrating to your chin and jawline or, for an unlucky few, occurring in both former (forehead, nose) and newer areas simultaneously. If you are seeing breakouts on your jaw and chin this is a sign of hormones, if they are on your forehead this can be seen as a sign of stress. It is important not to strip your skin with oily and acne products. These products will strip all the oil off your skin, but it is not oil causing the problems, it is bacteria and hormone levels. Spot treatments (aspects spot treat) to kill bacteria are great, but use acne products in moderation.


You should be cleansing twice a day with a milk (dry skin) or foaming (oily skin) cleanser. stay away from wipes, they will dry out your skin. If you have acne exfoliation is an important part to allow the skin to breathe. this is to be done twice a week. (nothing too strong or you will cause redness and broken blood vessels- harder does not mean better) and a light moisturiser.

If you are suffering any of these problems, come and chat to me at Shine Skin and Body in Kew. Payot has a great range for people starting out.